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Some unique place in Indonesia in Nusa Lembongan

A glimpse of Indonesia Banget trip, we tried to dig and search for information regarding this Nusa Lembongan. Info we get, Nusa Lembongan / Lembongan Island is famous for beach lovers paradise.

Photo above is a portrait of the kompasiana.com. Very beautiful scenery makes us even more curious about the natural beauty in this Lembongan, Nusa Lembongan is one island of Bali.The island is known as the island is, really - really save a lot of unique tourist attractions. Nusa Lambongan is one of the favorite tourist by foreign tourists.

The trip to the island took about 45 minutes and can only be reached through marine transportation. Traveled to lembongan, besides lumayar big waves. Do not forget to use a life jacket ya..hehe

Beaches here are very beautiful, clean sand and blue sea water. Will certainly add to the beauty of the island this lembongan. The majority of the local economy in many activities in the Area lembongan beach. Among the seaweed business and develop tourism Lembongan island. If you visit this lembongan island. Do not worry, here also there are lodging and restaurants. Some lodgings here are  hotels, cottages, bungalows and Homestay.Costs around 200.000 upwards. And if for the meal cost around 30,000 to 100,000 both at the hotel, as well as some of the restaurant that was there.

    Foto by Nusa Lembongan Bali|Restaurant

Attractions here quite a lot as well, since the road - the road on the island is a lot that has not lembongan ber asphalt and rocky. We can only down every angle - the angle of the island by bicycle or motorbike. Rental fee for motorcycles around Rp.60.000 already include the fuel.
Here's attractions on the island lembongan :

Mangrove forests

      Fhoto by Hutan Mangrove

Underground house
       Foto by Underground Houses

Dream beach 
     Foto by Dream Beach Huts
Sunset Beach
         Fhoto by Sunset Beach
Devil's Tears
     Devil's Tears

We can also see the beauty of the beach from the top of the hill - a hill that surround the island Lamongan.
The beach is also suitable for surfing, and if we wanted  snorkeling and diving, the need to spend money to hire a boat. P Ulau The underwater scenery is very beautiful and the coral reefs are colorful, if lucky we can see the fish manta (a type of stingray).

If you want to test the guts to jump around a height of 13 meters from the sea, the tourists are acquainted with the name of cliff jump. You can visit Ceningan, you no longer need to hire a boot there. Because the existing bridge connecting to the island of Lembongan Island Ceningan. The island is not so big as the island lambongan. But keindahana Ceningan pemandagan island is no less beautiful than the Lembongan island.

Some of the information contained in this web we get from soetpo kompasiana.com jack. Info contained on this website is only for information sharing. And we hope this little information could also be useful for all readers.
That glimpse of her lovers paradise beach in Lembongan Island. If you want to know the original please just come there. Guaranteed satisfied anyway, and of course the day - the day you would have been nice.

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