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Visited To Bali With Many uniqueness

Our plan will pay a visit to Bali with some buddy - buddy our arms (Nature Lovers and Tourism). Surely we can not mention with whom we will Go Show hehehe. However, this planning may change, depending on the readiness of purses - financial coffers too hehehe.

Obcbali.com above photo comes from, where we find through searching google.
And we went back retry searching, sich how we should prepare for accommodation, transportation and tour guide for us in the future?. Dai serching some of the results we finally decided to choose rentalmobilbali.net .

Why do I have to choose the island of Bali a tourist destination where we this time? here we learn from   http://www.tirtatour.net/:

For all the island of Bali is the ideal destination for anyone looking for a great tropical vacation. Whether you are traveling with a backpack and on a tight budget, on your honeymoon or with your family or if you just want to enjoy all the luxuries that Bali has to offer during your vacation well worth it. It was all there. It's just up to you to choose from a large selection that Bali has to offer.

     Foto: blog seni tradisional bali

What makes Bali so unique is the people and their daily lifestyle beautiful hari.Pengaruh of religion and culture can be found everywhere that make the island's truly amazing.Colorfully dressed women carrying baskets or bidding on their heads and men and women perform the ceremony really beautiful scenery.

      Foto: blog altovart

       Foto: Blog AntokCenter

The scenery and beaches
When traveling from north to south or from east to west, it was impressive to see so many different types of landscape. Bali offers a view of the majestic mountains, volcanoes strong, stunning rice terraces, tropical vegetation and above all kinds of beach you can stuff off.Bali beaches ranging from white sandy beaches, black volcanic beach, beach resort beach for surfing. A variety of landscapes in such a small island just amazing ...

       Foto : blog Vnurfa411

Indonesian and Balinese cuisine is a rich mixture of spices cooked together with meat, fish or vegetables. It will definitely make your tongue tingle. There are so many dishes too choose from, you will be able to eat local dishes different every night. But the great thing about Bali is that if you prefer something else there are a wide variety of restaurants offering all kinds of international cuisine. There is even a restaurant where the chef prepares the dish on that sure looks like a work of art ...
Here are excerpts from those who have been to Bali "Experience Not Forgotten"
Tirta tour revealed that "If you are in Bali local people are happy to show and share their culture and knowledge of the lifestyle of their everyday. There are many tours that take you around the island, to the local villages, along rice fields or look for birds -burung in Bali unique. Or you can participate in a course where you can learn how to cook delicious dishes Bali, paint like Bali or play one of the most important instruments in Bali: the gamalan ".
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